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Building Quality over Quantity


Personal Training & Semi-Private Training

Perseverance & Performance is all about long term client success. We offer only individualised programs to cater to your current level of fitness, goals, injuries, training availability, and past training history into account. 


We offer personal training or semi-private training sessions which are capped at 4 people. 


This allows for more individual attention to uphold our motto of quality over quantity


You will learn key universal concepts that will enhance your movement and increase your strength whilst minimising injury risk in and out of the gym. 


A key difference between Perseverance & Performance with other gyms is we focus on training, not working out. 


Strength is a skill that is learned, practiced, and refined.


Working out is simply performing work for the sake of getting tired, fatigued, sore and the feeling that you worked hard. 


At Perseverance & Performance, we prioritise performance over fatigue


This is for better results, less injury and training longevity. 

What We Do

  • Provide a personalised training plan based on what's best for you

  • Develop proper technique for strength, reduced injury risk and longevity

  • Encourage diversity and abundance regarding nutrition for robust health

  • Improve quality of life by fostering the mindset of being strong for life 

What We Don't Do

  • Force training that fatigues and burns you out

  • Allow you to train with bad technique

  • Impose restrictive diets that are unsustainable

  • Sacrifice your long-term health for short-term gains

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